PeppaPig-第一季第4集BestFriend peppapig第一季英文版






Peppa is waiting for her best friend Suzy Sheep.

Hello, Suzy.

Baa~~ Hello, Peppa.

Suzy Sheep has come to play with Peppa.

Peppa loves Suzy. Suzy loves Peppa. They are bestfriends.

Peppa, why don't you and Suzy go and play in yourbedroom?

Yes, Mummy.

George wants to play, too.

Peppa and Suzy love playing in Peppa's bedroom. Sodoes George.

No, George.This game is just for big girls. Go andplay with your own toys.

Peppa and Suzy want to play on their own.

I'm a tiny little fairy princess.

I'm going to wave my magic wand...and turn you intoa frog.

George doesn't like playing on his own. Georgewants to play, too.

No, George. I'm playing With Suzy...You'll have toplay somewhere else.

George wants to play with Peppa. He feels a bitlonely.

George, I need some help..

I'm making chocolate chip cookies. Someone needs tolick out the bowl.

George likes helping Mummy make cookies. But helikes playing with Peppa more.

Baa. I want to be a nurse.

I want to be a doctor.

But who’s going to be the sick person?

PeppaPig-第一季第4集BestFriend peppapig第一季英文版


Peppa and Suzy love playing doctors and nurses. Sodoes George.

Peppa listens to George's chest.

Now, George, Take a big breath in, then cough.

Mm, I think your heart is a bit loose......I'II puta plaster on it.

Baa~~ Open wide, please.

Suzy takes George's temperature.

Oh, dear, you're very, very hot. I think you haveto stay in bed for three years.

Daddy Pig has come to find George.

Oh, no. What's wrong with George?

Don't Worry, Daddy. It's only a game. George is ourpatient.

Oh, I see.

Can the patient have a visitor?

Just for a little while. He might get tired.


Yes, they're for George. They're his medicine tomake him feel better.

Excuse me, doctor, can you help me? I have a soretummy.

That tickles. I can hear it rumbling.

I think you're hungry, Daddy.

Then I think I need lots of cookies to make me better.


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